About Joel


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

I like music, travel and people. I also like beards, prepared guitar, zombie movies, Clint Eastwood films and life.


More about me…

In 1996, when i was 11 years old, I went to Japan on a school trip for 10 days, and I fell in love with travel. I worked hard and saved up, and with the help of my parents went back on another school trip in 2000.

In 2001, i started playing music, through the guitar, and other than travel, it’s all I’ve wanted to do since.

In 2003 and 2004, i completed a diploma in comtemporary music at MAINZ, and from 2005 – 2007, i completed my Bachelor of Music (jazz) at NZSM.

In October 2009 I went to Thailand and Laos for 2 months and it blew my mind. I met so many amazing people and saw so many incredible things. In June 2010 I went back to Thailand and Cambodia for another 5 weeks.

For the last 5 years, since I graduated, I’ve been playing music professionally in NZ and abroad, and i’ve had the privilege of playing with some fantastic musicians, and been involved in heaps of great musical projects. Spiral, Fleur Jack and the Jandals, The Auckland Jazz Orchestra, Blacksanddiva, Llovisna, Plastic Sheep and Vitamin S to name a few. I’ve also been fortunate enough to teach guitar to some amazing and talented kids, at Wentworth College and Pinehurst school in Auckland NZ.

In October 2012 I left New Zealand indefinitely to travel, make use of my UK passport and to further explore music and develop my own musicianship. I’ve spent a month in Burma, another in Thailand, 40 days in Bangladesh, and I’m now in India. I don’t really have much of a plan, other than to explore life, music, the world, keep playing my guitar with funny objects and also conventionally, meet people, and keep smiling.

I’m curious!


At the time of writing:

Current favourite pedal: My board is in NZ 😦 I’m enjoying preparing my guitar with hair clips tho!

Current guitar inspiration: Fred Frith

Countries on the wish list… Everywhere! Especially Georgia, Benin, Sri Lanka, The ‘stan countries in central asia, North Korea, Canada, Armenia, turkey, Pakistan, Iran, all of India, South and Central America, Cuba, and Stuart island in NZ!


11 thoughts on “About Joel

  1. Tabenda Harun Khan

    Dear Joel its been an absolute pleasure to read ur experience in our country Bangladesh. Thank u so very much for describing ur journey in such a fantastic manner…really a great job done man…its our pleasure n honor that u liked n loved our country …thanx once again ,hope Bangladesh will make u come again n again …take care .

  2. Jasim

    That is really very well written story. I just read it. I wish you could add picture about the natural beauty as you traveled different places of Bangladesh. Thank you.

    1. joelheartsguitar Post author

      Hi Jasim,

      Bangladesh certainly has natural beauty; it’s incredibly scenic. I’m working on some posts about the places that I went etc, so I’ll post them with pictures too.



    1. joelheartsguitar Post author

      Thanks Tom,

      Thanks for you comments, and good idea about the TT and tripadviser. I’ll post links to both once I’ve finished the other Bangladesh posts in a few days.



  3. Helen

    Damn, that’s another country to add to my list! Bangladesh sounds fantastic and your blog is a real inspiration Joel. Loved the bit about the dos and donts of buses! Hope to be there next spring after ‘doing’ India

  4. Joan

    Enjoyed your blog Joel. We travelled around Bangladesh for a month in January and our experiences were much the same as yours. The people were fantastic and when we had a problem there was always someone who’d help us. Like you we tried every form of transport but would definitely not recommend travelling after dark it is dangerous enough during the day! Enjoy the rest of your trip

  5. Iftekhar

    Hey Joel,this is Iftekhar from Dhaka,Bangladesh.i just came across your blog and read the nice long article you wrote on your experience in Bangladesh.i am really glad to know that you had enjoyed your stay here.if you ever come back to make another trip down,i would suggest you to visit the Boga Lake which is located at Bandarban.one of the most beautiful places i have been to in the country.

    anyway,great blog you have got here.lots of useful infos for foreigners coming to Bangladesh.keep up the good work mate.thanks for the amazing article.



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