Boats in Bangladesh

I love boats! I’m not sure why, but I find them fascinating, and love being on the water. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the sun and watching the world pass by. With over 8000 kilometres of navigable waterways, and a colourful and bewildering assortment of different sea-faring craft, Bangladesh is a pretty great place for boat enthusiasts.

Here are the some of the boats that I saw in Bangladesh.

Cheers, and happy sailing!


P.S. One of the above boats carries sand… See if you can find it, and check out how low it is in the water…


2 thoughts on “Boats in Bangladesh

  1. Mahmood

    Dear Joel,

    This is Mahmood. I am interested to take your interview for knowing more on your experience in Bangladesh. I am freelance researcher now working on a policy paper on tourism sector development in Bangladesh. If you accept my invitation, please send me a reply at I will be waiting for your reply. Regards.


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