Gidday, and welcome!

I like music, travel, and people. I hope you enjoy my blog!



8 thoughts on “Gidday, and welcome!

  1. David Vinsen

    Joel, A fantastic blog; what a great record of your travels. Wonderful photos, good comments. Will be showing Nana later today; she’s heard about it, and is keen to see it.
    David & Mary

  2. Iftekhar

    The whole article on Bangladesh is written in such a well manner.very nice pictures of places and people you had met and visited in could not have been any better.kudus and salute to you Joel.i would be glad to meet you on your next visit to Bangladesh.takecare man.



  3. James Brandish

    Hi Joel
    Excellent blog! I wanted to read some travel blogs about Bangladesh as I am thinking about going next year. Your writing and photos make me want to go more!

  4. Steve Gustafson

    Hi Joel,
    Great photos and descriptions!! I have wanted to travel to Bangladesh for as long as I can remember. You’ve done a great job describing how friendly, open, and authentic the people of Bangladesh are and I am excited to visit in just a few weeks from now. I will also have Muhmud to guide and point me in the right direction.


  5. Matthew Hartzell

    Hi Joel,

    I happily came across your blog while researching an upcoming two week trip to Bangladesh.
    Your love and respect for the country really come across, and make me very glad that I’m going to Bangladesh.

    After living in a remote and rural area of China for five years, I think I’ll be prepared for some of the discomfort of traveling off the beaten path in an area like this, but I’m sure Bangladesh won’t disappoint with new oddities and wonders.

    I wanted to ask you what season(s) you were in Bangladesh? I’m planning to visit in late May and early June, which I am aware is the beginning of the monsoon season. My friend thinks I’m crazy, after all there are a host of hassles and dangers which come with the monsoon season—flooding, transportation delays, mosquitos, malaria. I know traveling to Bangladesh in the dry season would probably be more comfortable. But I’m also kind of curious to see what it’s like to travel during the monsoon season. After all, Bangladesh’s 150 million people live through the monsoon each year. It’s such a major part of the country that being there during it could be really exciting. I’m not afraid of getting a little wet. What do you think? Were you in Bangladesh for any of its monsoon season, or do you know anyone who has been?

    PS, I also publish my own blog, on my experiences, travel, and observations of Yunnan, China, where I have lived for five years, which maybe you would find interesting:

    1. joelheartsguitar Post author

      Hey matthew,

      I’d say avoid the monsoon. It’s a beautiful time of year in Asia, but it does make it difficult to travel, and it’s really hot. Also a danger with the roads being wet. The driving in Bangladesh is bad enough as it is! But if it’s the only time you can do it, I’d recommend you go. Definitely worth putting up with some hassle in order to experience Bangladesh in my opinion 🙂


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